Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sad Life :(

Assalamualaikum .

Hey babe, tetiba rasa sunyi time time hujan nih so aku pon update laa blog nih . Hm setiap kehidupan ada gembira dan sedih nya . Tapi aku tak tahu laa setiap perhubungan yang aku jalin mesti aku je yang rasa sakit hati . Why always me ? 

I never regret to have you in my life , but I always hurt with many things that you did . Even , that its not your motive to make my heart break . I thought what you had promise to me , you will fulfill but it still happened . Sometimes , I cry for it and swipe my tears for my own  :')

Please , I'm tired for all of this . I know that you love me and never think to cheat on me . But what you had did , a little bit make me feel so useless . I act like I don't care but deep inside it hurts . Serious talk that I'm painful with this . 

But don't worry , I still love you and I still can stand with your behavior because I had promise to you that I will never leave you for any problem that we face it . I'm hold what I'm said to you but please I begging to you please followed what you had promise to me dear . 

I don't mind if you want to ignore me for as long as you want , but I hope your love to me never off until when . Dear , I still want to be a girl that always in your arms and always hold your hand tightly . I'm serious with you because I don't want anyone else and you are the last for me , that what we dream right ? 

I will be here waiting for you even I'm just keep quiet for face all it . Not because of what , I'm just can't stand for this problem anymore . A very big hope that one day we will back as 'us' before this . I miss the old of us even it almost one month we couple . 

One more thing , how bad we were fight , be sulking or whatever I hope you not skip your class attendant . That's important for your future life dear , please don't ruin it . Don't be lazy please , you never like this before , even just only one day you skip , many things that you lost . I don't want be a person that ruin your life . 

As example today you not attend your class and not take your quiz that will give you carry mark for your pointer . I'm take it serious about study because I want we success together as what you told to me . That you want we graduate together , right ? 

Whatever happen , I'm always be by your side . Please don't leave me . I'm miss you and I love you . But what I think maybe it will take a time for us to happy like before this . I give you time to release all your problem and give me time too for forget all this . Last but not least , I happy with you and sincere with you . I was lucky to have you and you have lucky to have me . Pray to Allah for always safe our relation kay . Thanks dude :')

Awak dah habis bace? Like laa, tak pon kasi cium laa kite sikit, hee. :) Ehh awak jap jangan laa close dulu, tinggalkan laa reaction awak kat bawah ni tau. Sayang awak sangat sangat! Terima kasih ^^

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